what to wear

Please don’t feel the need to dress everyone the same, but it would be ideal if you all coordinate. Pick a color and try to work your wardrobe around it.

Stay away from big graphics and writing on t-shirts…or very busy designs. Try to avoid bright pink (my girls favorite color) because it casts a color on their skin, which is not so easy to remove.

Remember, everyone feels good in their favorite clothes, and happiness shines through. So  ultimately, wear something that will bring out your happiness and make you feel great!

When we head out for photo shoots, I usually dress my girls in jeans and white tops or pastel color dresses. If you decide to hang large photos in your home, think of what would match your style, and what colors should the kids be wearing not to clash with the colors in your home.

Kids feed off their mothers anxiety, so try to relax. Too many times I notice families show up for a photo shoot and the mother is stressed out. The stress of getting everyone dressed and clean and on time, is contagious. The kids will also turn up cranky. Go with the flow, it is best we have happy kids than ones who just jumped out of a bath and have their hair curled and impeccably combed. I have learned from experience to start to get ready with plenty of time, and have fun in the process. I can make sure we all have fun together at the photo shoot, but it is best when you all turn up in a good mood too!

Punctuality is important to me. But I would rather you be late than all stressed out. Just text me if you are running behind.