Congratulations! If you are looking at this page, you are likely getting ready to welcome a little one into your life or you have already. Always a happy occasion!

Baby photo shoots take place in the comfort of your home. Unless it is the middle of summer, please turn on the heating before I arrive. Babies should feel comfortable, specially if we are going to strip them naked and want them to remain asleep. Plan for a session which will take no less than two hours (closer to three). Look through my photos and let me know if there are particular ones which you would like me to mimic. I will show up at the agreed time with all my props, and then we set out to have fun with your little one. Don’t worry if you have to feed them half way through, that is totally okay and will help them fall asleep. Ideally feed them just as I arrive, that way they are sleepy when I am ready to start.

Session fees are $ 750 plus $150 minimum spend on prints (see a la carte prices for prints). This is an all inclusive package, and you get to keep all the edited files I show you (between 30-40).  And yes, you can use the digital files to make your baby announcements. (An extra 25 dollars is charged for any photo shoot outside Battery Park City, or the Chatham, NJ area, where I have recently moved to).

Ideally baby photo shoots should be done within the first 10 days of a babies life, that is when the photo shoot is the easiest to do given how much a baby sleeps. But of course, if you missed that window, let’s make it happen as soon as possible.

If you circumcise your little boy, please don’t schedule the photo session until  4-5 days after the procedure, until he is fully healed.

The first year of a babies life has so many milestones: when they learn to hold their head up and start to smile, when they learn to sit up, and when they learn to stand and take their first steps. If you book your baby photo shoot with me, I will happily capture these milestones at no extra sitting cost to you.  I have put a special package together for existing customers which you would of course be eligible to use “watch me grow“.

I love to involve siblings and parents in a baby photo shoot, but that is your call.

Email me with any further questions.