About me

I was born and raised in Argentina, and after enjoying one of my lifelong dreams of living in New York have switched up city living for the NJ ‘burbs’ and am loving life.  Here, together with my Aussie husband Dale, we raise our three little princesses – Alexis, Makenzie and Sofia.

As a mother of young children, I am often reminded that our children grow up far too quickly.

I am fortunate that my family supports me in following my passion for child and baby photography, allows me to record their lives each day in fun and interesting ways, as well as the absolute pleasure of capturing memories for others.  The simple act of capturing special moments, a cute smile, a toothless grin, or  just bringing to life a look through my camera for others to enjoy, makes my day.

I favor joyful images and think it is important that children and babies have a positive experience being photographed.  I will go to most any length to achieve that – whether that means donning a clown’s wig and red nose to bring out that magic smile or telling terrible jokes to elicit an infectious laugh.   You are guaranteed that for the short while we are together, your family will have fun with me.

I specialize in outdoor, natural light photography, and love to capture your family in their own  setting and surroundings.  When it comes to the littlest ones, however, I am also happy to photograph them in the warmth of your home.