Shooting with adjectives in mind: Abundance

I love finding a fun twist to the meaning of our post, when we shoot with an adjective in mind. I thought through the week of what is “abundant” around here. The flowers popping up everywhere, the coins collected in jars, the toys scattered in the kids room, the books waiting to be read. But my thoughts kept coming back to my dear friend, and neighbor, Aunty Ciel. She has enjoyed an ABUNDANCE of years lived, as she heads to her 93rd birthday. She talks to me about the ABUNDANCE of blessings received throughout her life, and I dwell on the ABUNDANCE of wisdom she has gained. Everything about this beautiful lady, made me want to share this photo for the word ABUNDANCE.  Nothing in my life right now, speaks better than her for this word, since my little girls and I, feel an ABUNDANCE of love towards her!

Please click here to see what my friends have captured this week with their take on ABUNDANCE.



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