Shooting with adjectives in mind: Fresh

For the past several weeks, we have focused on the concept of Audience and how it relates to our notions of artistry. We don’t really know much about the audience for this blog – we love the idea that there are people out there who enjoy our work and are following along with our adventures, but ultimately this is a project about us and our love for photography. As our Artistry project heads in an increasingly verbal direction, we have decided to consolidate our thoughts into more cohesive monthly posts.

Simultaneously, we are reigniting the shooting portion of our yearly project with a fresh start: P52.3: Perspectives. Each week, we will post a mosaic and an adjective – individual voices, unified around a common theme. Simple, streamlined and back to basics – our audience of ourselves is off to reclaim the joy behind the camera. We hope you enjoy this next step in our journey.

Click here to see what my fellow friends have captured this week in “who we become”

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