Artistry: Shooting for ourselves Part 2 – current/future.

As we move into several weeks of shooting with ourselves as audience, we have been considering what concrete steps that we can take to move our work closer to our vision.

For some of us, shooting daily has been helpful for refining the types of images that we want to create.  Others have found that they need a specific theme or style in mind in order to drive themselves forward; without a specific direction it is easy to get lost.  Many noted that, particularly in the dreary winter, external motivation is helpful.  Indeed, a few of us have mentioned that it may help to sign up for a class or focus on learning a new technique – that forcing yourself to try something new can help you realize who you are and what you want your work to be.  And some of us find that a few moments of reflection are needed before we can step forward and do the work.

Please click  on”who we become”  to see some examples of images taken with these thoughts and motivations in mind.


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