Artistry: shooting for ourselves

The assignment this week was to share a photo which we shot with only ourselves in mind. When I am shooting for myself, it is mostly about the emotion i am capturing, regardless of the image being good to a photographers eyes. And many or most times, these images are captured on my iphone because it is what I have at hand. Other times, after a challenging shoot for others, I will make it my mission to capture a technically beautiful image, because I want to please myself. At these times, my kids or nature, are the subjects and I am just trying to prove that I am not so bad at this, even when I feel I didn’t succeed with a client.

If I were even sharing this image with others, I would crop it differently, with only Sofia as the center of the image, but because I am sharing it as if I were the sole audience, I am intentionally cropping it to leave her sisters in the background, who were on a trampoline jumping not far behind, with all the cousins. This image reminds me of a very happy afternoon we all spent on my parents farm.

Please click here to see what my fellow friends and photographers have captured in our project of who we become.

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