Artistry: shooting for hire

I have been capturing families for about four years. I have said it before, my dream is that every family has one family portrait that they are proud of.  When I meet up with a family, my first question is what they want the photos for. Some want them to decorate walls, in which case they usually want close ups or candid shots of their children, others want them for their holiday card, and then they are usually adamant that the key shot include the parents, or not.

Whatever the case, I try to get a few individual shots of each kid, shots of each parent with the kids, the kids alone, the family as a whole, and lastly, but not least importantly, a few shots of the parents together, with no kids. Surprisingly, parents are so self conscious or uncomfortable when we get to this shot.

I believe my body of work is consistent, families in my neighborhood recognize photos which I have taken, so not sure that the client influences how I shoot, but I naturally listen to their requests and make sure I meet their needs before I set out to capture the collection of shots.

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