Everyday moments

I am excited to continue our journey with my fellow photographers and friends as we capture everyday moments. For this month I have chosen to share some photos of Sofia. On this given afternoon on the farm, her sisters had gone to their cousins for a playdate, and we got to enjoy her alone. We went from a stroll down the green walk, a run down the road, to some tea at the big dinning room table and of course, finished in the bath.  There is an emotional component to these photos, which only mean something to me and my family, this is the farm where my mother grew up and where we all spent endless summer days, and where we all learnt to ride. This is my parents farm where we go back time and time again to fill my little girls childhood with happy memories.

Please click along to see what we have all captured this month. Next in circle is my good friend Claudine Williams. Please click here to see her amazing work!


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