Audience, shooting for family and friends

Shooting for family and friends (or for posterity). This is why most of us got into photography in the first place. What makes us want to share a photo with family and friends? Is it always a photo of our kids? Of our daily lives? Of memorable events?

Shooting for families is what I think I do best, I love to be goofy and get my clients to give an authenitc laugh…and I aim to capture that one photo which will sit on a mantelpiece for decades. My wish is that every family have at least one photo that they are proud of. When it comes to my family, my wish is to capture a few of those per year, and if I can get the cousins in the photo, that is such a plus! My husbands family is from Australia and mine are from Argentina, so getting that shot is a real challenge. We just spent a week on my parents farm in the middle of Argentina, and I was hoping for the one shot that my mother would love, of almost all her little grandkids, or at least quite a few.

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vane - love them! love the light and the happy moments you captured!

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