Artistry: week 1

I am very excited to welcome you to exploring ARTISTRY our Year 3 collaborative photography project! (although I only joined in year two). Their first year, A PLAY ON LIGHT was dedicated to the study of light and year two, FRAMED focused on composition. This year, as we move beyond the technicals, we will be continuing our self-education and growth as a collective by focusing on the idea of art and artistry. As photographic artists, how do we continue to develop our craft and make work that motivates us and inspires us to keep going?  What, to us, makes better art?

For our initial post, we each reflected on our body of work and have selected images that represent our photographic comfort zone. We may love and be proud of these images since they are results of our confidence and skill. However, if something is comfortable, it is unlikely to be challenging. When we discussed what situations took us out of our comfort zone we started to examine what intimidates us and look more closely at our more intimate fears – fears of others’ expectations, of how our work will be received on a broader level, of not achieving our vision, of being boring and/or unoriginal, of creating work that is pretty but lacks emotion, of putting our hearts into something and having it rejected – feeling as if we have nothing to say with our photography or that we are failing to convey the things we want to say. We see this exercise as the first step in removing any barriers that could prevent us from exploring what we are capable of as artists.

Please go to the Who We Become post to read more about our year long project and check out the images from all of my photography friends.

Below is a selection of images that I love, am proud of and are examples of what I am comfortable shooting at the moment: family photography is where I feel I excel and also it is what I love doing. I am excited about this year ahead!


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