week 43: Layering within the Frame

This week we continue to study Creative Complexity through Layering.

Layering involves using foreground, middle(subject) and background so that all layers of the image work together to help tell a story. By adding elements to your photograph through layers you keep your eye moving through the frame :Visual Storytelling

There are many reasons for using the Layering technique.
One would be to balance out the composition of your photograph, or to emphasize scale size and or presence. Another would be to show movement between multiple subjects in a frame,to emphasize drama, depth or humour. Seperation is also an important element in layering, an example of this would be layering to emphasize definition in a frame through the use of colour. Seperation also implys depth and will create a more 3 dimensional look and balance out the photographs composition.

Click here to see what my fellow friends and photographers have captured this week.


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