week 27: Tonality : High Key

It’s a new month for Photo 52: Framed and we will be delving into tonality as a means to create or enhance the mood of our images. While not a compositional technique, our goal is to intentionally match the lighting quality in our images with our subject matter. Tonality includes the amount of contrast as well as the qualities of the whites and blacks within an image.  For this first week we will be using high key lighting to set the tone for our compositions. This lighting technique is most often used to create very bright, clean images, lacking in shadows and darker tones. Much commercial work has this look, as it is most easily achieved in a studio setting using artificial lighting and a white or similarly light background. Upbeat, modern and distraction-free are hallmarks of a high key image.

Click here to see what my fellow friends and photographers have captured this week through their lenses.





Claudine - These are beautiful. Perfect!

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