Everyday moments: bedtime

This month, our theme for my “everyday moments” blog, is bedtime. I had visions of fun photos that showed kids and toys exhausted after a fun day, and fast asleep. It has been a long month here with daddy gone for most of it, and I have been reaching for my pillow as fast as the last one of them fell asleep. So I didn’t quite capture what I had hoped for, but I did manage a few of princess Makenzie in her deep sleep. This little girl only ever wears dresses and she clearly did not inherit her ideas of fashion from me. She is just so feminine in her attire and when it comes to sleeping, even then, she does not take her tiara off!

Please follow around the circle to see what the very talented Katherine Lightner has captured through her lens.


The clicks of my camera seemed to wake her and she rolled over, to lie on her back….so still, so perfectly princesslike…she looks like sleeping beauty awaiting her prince’s kiss.


claudine - Beautiful! Love the profile shot.

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