week 20: perspective: camera position: shooting from above

Our journey through the concepts of perspective is drawing to a close. After weeks of considering what are perhaps less traditional concepts of perspective – wide angle and long lenses, aspect ratio – we are spending our final two weeks on physical perspective in the form of camera position. This week, we are shooting from above. From standing atop buildings to standing over children, this is a fun assignment with a lot of room to be creative as we capture what all there is to see when looking down. As I thought about what I was going to capture, I came upon our hamper, and my do I have photos of my girls in this hamper! Sofia surprisingly enough had never gotten in, so this was a first for her, and of course, shooting from above is the cutest and only angle for this adventure! and once I had done Sofia’s photos, both Alexis and Makenzie wanted a photo in it!

Please click here to see what my fellow friends and photographers have captured this week.



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