Circle of Light week 2: night light

It was a fun night when I went out with a few friends to capture my first night lights. You would think that this would have been one of the first things I would have practiced photographing, but as a mother of little ones, I am seldom out and about when the night lights are bright. Of course it was sub zero temperatures and we froze, but it was all worth while, if not for the photos I captured, for the company we shared.

Please follow along the circle to see what Denise Ward has captured through her lens.IMG_9562IMG_9581IMG_9593


Lastly, I practiced some free lensing….you can find out more about it on u-tube!




Julie - I love these Sarah!! I have been wanting to do this!

denise - sarah…these are awesome. I LOVE the first one!

Jaime - COOL images Sarah! Love the starbursts and the effects of the ss! Great work!

Jurate - Beautiful! Love the slow SS ones! i always wanted to try one, never get to do it !

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