week 19: perspective : square aspect ratio (1:1)

This week we are looking at alternate aspect ratios and how they can impact the image. The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between its height and width – effectively defining how square or rectangular the image is. Most DSLR cameras use an aspect ratio of 3:2 or more commonly known as 6:4. By changing the aspect ratio we can use the height and width of the image to strengthen the composition, play with the perspective or create a more balanced image. This week are playing with a square or 1:1 aspect ratio. The square aspect has gained hugely popularity recently with the increasing use of iphoneography and the use of Instagram. Square aspect ratios encourage simplicity in the composition which can result in very powerful images. Center based compositions and utilizing symmetry work very effectively in square format leading the eye either directly to the center or providing lines for the eye to follow.

Is there anything cutter than this little lion in a perfectly square frame? I am so in love with her!

Please press here to see what my fellow friends and photographers have captured this week.


Murchison - week 19




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