Everyday moments: Light

This month, in the Everyday Moments circle, we are posting about “Light”. I want to share some photos that I took one foggy day. It was a grey Saturday afternoon a few weeks back and as the cabin fever began to set in I looked out of our window and the fog crawling across the Hudson River was quite a sight.  So, with the baby and Alexis in tow, I went for a little walk to see what I could capture. We take the sun for granted, and use clouds to add interesting light to our shots, but what happens when fog takes over and there is no light to cast shadows and outline our image?  What I found out this day, was that something very magical and mysterious happens, and maybe my photos should be titled “hidden light”.

Follow along the circle to see what the very talented Katherine Lightner has captured through her lens.






Katherine - Oh, these are lovely Sarah. Such an interesting mood you created with the fog!

Jennifer - I absolutely love these images. The fog is amazing. So magical!! My favorite is the first image. I also really like the image with the building peeking through the fog. Great images. Thanks for sharing!

Serendipity is Sweet - Beautiful. I love the fog!

Claudine - Sarah, these are beautiful. The second photo looks as if you yourself painted the fog on the photo. I love the contrast of the red ferry boat. Well done!

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