week 13

This week, on our photography circle, the theme is “photographers choice”. I am currently in Argentina on my parents farm, and I was out riding with my father when I shared with him that I had to capture a photo with lines, leading lines, circle lines, straight…purposeful lines which took the viewer somewhere….we started seeing them everywhere…from the fence posts, to the  endless rows of sown crops…even the long road to the front gate lined with eucalyptus trees planted over 100 years ago by my great grandparents…I love this place more than anywhere else on earth, this is the place I spent endless summers and vacation days growing up, a place full of fond memories. Eight years ago today my husband and I were married on the front lawn, so it is only appropriate that this week, the  photos I chose are from the farm. Please click on this link to see what my fellow photographer friends have captured with their cameras.

The land is almost sandy, and it is very dry during these summer months. The storm that you see on my photos, went right over us, leaving but a few droplets…


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