week 10: horizontal or vertical lines

Lines lend structure to a photograph, leading our eye through the image They create a feeling of movement, rhythm and flow.

For our second week on this topic, we are exploring the creative use horizontal or vertical lines in our images. Although there are no hard and fast rules, each type of line typically inspires a different kind of feeling in the viewer. For horizontal lines, there is a tendency towards peacefulness, serenity and stability. Think of a classic shot of a desert horizon at sunset, a tranquil lake at dawn, or a magnificent row of tulips. Vertical lines imply something more dynamic, suggesting growth and power. Towering buildings, massive trees, even a small person shot from a low angle can impart and sense of strength and grandeur.

Check out this week’s images for our collective exploration of horizontal and vertical lines.


vane - Great Lines looking UP and forming a triangle between so many other Lines….

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