week 9: leading lines

The start of a new month means a new topic for our year-long study of composition. For December we will be exploring the creative use of lines to prompt visual interest and help forge a connection between viewer and subject.

The use of leading lines in photography is a compelling way to enhance the composition of an image. Lines help to create a visual narrative by telling the viewer what is the main subject of the image. In many instances, they encourage us to explore further by leading our eye through the frame. In some cases, they can even direct our eye out of the frame.

Depending on the photographer’s use of lines and intent, they can create depth and dimension, or impart tension or serenity. Lines are everywhere to be found: fences and roads, stairways and walls. Even the crook of an extended arm or a shaft of light can create a leading line. Check out this week’s images for more examples of where leading lines can take you.

Murchison-week 9




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