Week 1: Using Geometric Shapes as Framing Elements.

Welcome to Who We Become! Very simply, we are a group of photographers with a shared passion for learning as much as we can about the art of photography. Who We Become is a centralized site where we will share our weekly images – the nearly perfect ones that inspire us, or the flawed shots that show our struggle to grow. This year, we are tackling the subject of composition. Other than our weekly shooting topics, there are no rules. We hope you follow along as we find a little more about who we are becoming – as artists, as friends and as people. Thank you for stopping by.

Be it a girl sitting in a square window or a drip of coffee falling into a circular mug, geometric shapes can be powerful framing tools that add interest and dimension to an image. Please click here to see what we found for our first week of images.





Patricia Bell - What an awesoooooooooom photo love it congratulations xoxo

vane H - Love the movement of the girls and the colors and such a Happy moment of the Girls playing.xo

Julie Kiernan - Sarah, I am so glad you are joining us. I love this image so fun and all that movement. I can hear them giggling.

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