School Days

This month, the theme for our circle is “School Days”. What an appropriate theme for a week in which my little girls started a new school year. Alexis started first grade, and Makenzie started pre-K at the big girls school. As we prepared for this week, excitement and nerves filled the air. They each picked out a new outfit which thankfully didn’t make it into the photos (a purple leopard dress , if you can just imagine!) and they had new backpacks and lunch boxes. Alexis is a true mummy’s girl and was not happy to see me leave the classroom. She knew plenty of the kids in her class and her teacher seemed super sweet, but saying good bye is just too difficult for her. Makenzie on the other hand, was mad that she was not starting on Monday and had to wait until Tuesday, and even then, it was a short day as the kids were phased in. Wednesday finally arrived and gave Makenzie the opportunity to be in the classroom without us and for a little longer. She woke up that morning and said “I am so excited to go to the BIG girls school”!!! her enthusiasm was so cute!

It was on Wednesday morning that I was able to follow them to school with my camera and capture some moments. Makenzie had to write her name at check in,  and she had merely learnt to spell MAK. Alexis led the way as we marched up the stairs and then Alexis showed Makenzie around the classroom (which had been Alexis’ two years earlier)….I listened to their conversations which were precious “you are so lucky, you get to play with dolls”…There was something magical and heart wrenching about this day…one of those that I hope to never forget, and which these photos will help me remember in years to come….Makenzie no longer naps and hasn’t for years, but see the last photo, she was exhausted from all the excitement!

This month we have a new member in our circle, my good friend Claudine Williams, I am so excited that she accepted our invite to join us. So please follow along to circle to see what  Claudine  has captured through her lens….






Seema - Lovely blog post =) Your girls look beautiful in red!

Claudine - I love the ones in the classroom as well as Makenzie’s name tag and the last photo of her sleeping. Very beautiful.

Mapi - I am drooling all over! Can’t believe my babies are in big girl’s school! Go girls! Have a fabulous year! Mori con la historia…..

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