Tracey & George

One of the gifts of marriage, is the new friends one makes…this is Tracey and George, Tracey has been friends with my husband since she was a teenager. I met them for the first time at my wedding, and every time we go back to Australia, we spend a day together. On our first trip back after our wedding, we met for lunch at a coffee shop during the holiday season…both Tracey and I had huge bellies. Lana was born months before Alexis and Lucas was born a few months after Makenzie….the kids recognize each other and look forward to their annual get together with their friends. Every year we take photos of the kids together and this time, we made sure to build some time for a family photo shoot for them. Thank you Tracey and George for your friendship! Just a few photos to remember a very special day together!






Julie Kiernan - Gorgeous! These are so beautiful. I love the colors against the white sand. You captured so many special moments.

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