Baby Chelsea and her family

I received a call from Chelsea’s mum weeks before she was due…there was one date on the calendar when both sets of grandparents would be in town, one day when we could make this shoot happen successfully. Fingers crossed that the baby would arrive on time and then of course that it wouldn’t rain. Five days before the shoot, Chelsea was born, and she showed up at her photo shoot, with her grandparents and big (not so big) sister Emily. It was such a fun photo shoot, the first with so many people (other than when I am photographing my own family). It was a fun photo shoots, everyone was happy and of course excited to celebrate the arrival of baby Chelsea.

Cathy Thibodeau - Amazing to get everyone together and smiling. Look relaxed too.
What a wonderful gift to all

Grammy - It WAS a fun photo shoot. Sarah was so great with the girls – and we adults also!

vane hart - Such a great photoshoot. Love it they all seem so happy and great pictures !

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