Little Dylan

I have known this little fellow since he was three months old, I captured him then, and again for their holiday photos (his photo is actually part of my portfolio). I was needing a toddler for an assignment and I was lucky enough to bump into his mom and she allowed me to capture Dylan, he is a star!…this is probably the hardest age to capture, because they do not sit still. Take a look at this gorgeous little guy, he was curious when I pulled out my clown nose and happy to stare into the camera when my squeaky toy made a noise!!! His happiness shines through!

Sarah Murchison - Thank you!!! He is just adorable!

jen - hey sarah – your work is truly fantastic! dylan is such a super happy kid, and is always smiling – except for when i try to take a picture 🙂 you’re great at capturing his sweetness. thanks

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