A different angle

This month it is about a different angle. I would have loved to play around with a huge mirror and photographed my 7 month old on it, but I never found the mirror :(….

Thankfully my husband recently moved to Iphone and bought a case for his phone which is water proof. This has allowed us endless fun in the pool, capturing moments which never before dreamed we would ever have on video. This project with other fellow photographers, is all about capturing everyday moments, and under the water, is a new angle for our family!

Next in the circle is Laura Williams. Please press here to visit her take on “a different angle”.



Kim - Sarah! So glad you have joined the circle and these images are such fun!

Crystal - Very cool pics!

Katherine - Oh! Underwater shots. How cool. I’ve really been wanting to get one of those cases for my iphone. You have me totally motivated to do that now. These are great!

Mapi - Love that chubby face on pic #1. Love all about her…above water and below it too!

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